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Missing (Inapplicable) data query

Dear seniors,

I am trying to include an important variable as an otucome/ dependent in my study for Structural equation modeling/PATH analysis(for example, asking plans to quit smoking cigar. If the respondent has already quit smoking, then this question results in an Inapplicable response. The item has more than 90% missing data due to --1 (Inapplicable) : This value is coded to identify items that were validly skipped on a route specific to a respondent. Does the PATH recommend any strategy to account for these 'missing data' through weights or I completely exclude them from analyses or use multiple imputation?

Advance thanks for the responses and guidance

Re: Missing (Inapplicable) data query

The weights do not account for missing data on any a particular question, they account for participants who did not complete an interview in the wave(s) being analyzed. Imputation and removal of the cases are both valid options for missing data on a particular question depending on other variables in the analysis. The PATH Study is unable to assist with individual analytic questions from researchers or provide any other type of personal assistance. The RUF and PUF User Guides, codebooks, and annotated instruments are valuable resources that may help address this question, located at  https://doi.org/10.3886/Series606  

Claire Cepuran

National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program
Inter-university Consortium for Political
  and Social Research (ICPSR)

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