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Merging youth and adult data


1. I am trying to follow the same youth from Wave 1 (12-17years old) to Wave 2 (13-18 years old). In this case, I understand that I will need to merge Youth W1, Youth W2, and Adult W2 (for aged-up youth) files. In doing so, is it accurate that I should use PERSONID to match respondents in youth file at Wave 1 with the same respondents in adult file who aged up at Wave 2?

2. In other words, is PERSONID consistent across different files? such that youth who has PERSONID of 123 at Wave 1 is the same person as an adult with PERSONID 123 at Wave 2?

3. Also, after merging them (Youth W1, Youth W2, and Adult W2), which survey weight should I use?


Thank you so much for your help!

PERSONID to match respondents

Yes, you should use the PERSONID to match respondents -- this ID remains constant across waves. There is only one weight available in Wave 2 that serves as both the single-wave and all-waves weight and should be used with the merged file. Please note that the downloadable User Guide contains the answers to your questions, as well as many others that may come up in the course of your analyses. We encourage you to make the User Guide your first point of reference when you have questions about the data.

Claire Cepuran

National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program
Inter-university Consortium for Political
  and Social Research (ICPSR)

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