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PATH Study Wave 3 Restricted-Use Files (RUF) Released

NAHDAP released the PATH Study Wave 3 Restricted-Use Files on May 1, 2018. As with the Wave 1 and Wave 2 RUF, the Wave 3 RUF is also accessed via the ICPSR Virtual Data Enclave.

To apply for access to the RUFs, please use the "apply online" link in the Access Notes at http://doi.org/10.3886/ICPSR36231.

If you have already been using prior waves of the RUF and want to add access to the Wave 3 RUF to your current VDE project, please send a description (a brief paragraph) that explains why the Wave 3 data are needed for your project and how they will be used. Email this description to nahdap-vde-support@umich.edu. Please also review your IRB document. Does it limit your access to the earlier waves of the data? Would you like to take the opportunity to expand your project's scope at the same time of adding the Wave 3 data, e.g., add youth or adult data, add analyses of other tobacco products to your project? If so, please also send an updated IRB document with your description. Once approved, we will post the requested Wave 3 data to your VDE workspace and notify you when the data are available to you.

Please email any questions about access to the PATH Study RUF to NAHDAP at nahdap-vde-support@umich.edu.

Thank you, it's very helpful

Thank you, it's very helpful for me!!

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