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John Lee
Region and Education variable for Adult wave 2+3 (restricted)

Hi all,

I merged dataset of the adult restricted datasets (w2+w3) and used it for the analyses. However, I might be wrong, but I found there was no region and education variable in either wave 2 or wave 3 dataset, and those variables only exist in Wave 1 dataset, if I understand correctly. If I'm on the right track, is there any way that I can have this information in Wave2 + Wave3? I'm sorry for the confusing question.



Region and derived education variables

The PATH Study only has the region and derived education variables on the Wave 1 data files. The region (and other census variables) were included as attributes of the sampled address; the derived education variable was used in the weighting process. Region values in Wave 1 are based on the sampled addresses. Since respondents move, region was not assigned in follow-up waves. The PATH Study asks about education at each wave in item R0w_AM0018 so users can derive their own variables if needed. Currently, there’s no plan to add derived education variables to Wave 2 and Wave 3 data files.

Please see annotated questionnaires and codebooks for Wave 1, 2 and 3 for more detailed information.

Claire Cepuran

National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program
Inter-university Consortium for Political
  and Social Research (ICPSR)

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