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Unclear skip patterns

Hi there,

Can someone please help me understand the following issues with skip patterns I've run into using the wave 1 data?

1) Based on the questionnaire, it appears as though only respondents who use a particular product on "some days" or are experimental users are subsequently asked the # of days they used that particular product in the past 30 days, whereas respondents who use that product "every day" are not asked about use in the past 30 days. For example, respondents who answer "every day" (response option 1) to question R01_AC1003 are not asked question R01_AC1002. The exception to this rule listed in the questionnaire is for respondents who answer a follow-up question for "every day" users about average number of cigarettes smoked per day (R01_AC1021_NN) as "don't know" or "refused" (n=2). However, when I crosstab R01_AC1003 with R01_AC1002, there are 910 respondents who answered R01_AC1003 with "every day" and still responded to question R01_AC1002. Why is that? 

Futhermore, for those everyday users who were correctly skipped over R01_AC1002, was the rationale that these users would have reported use in all 30 of the past 30 days? I would like to include them in a new measure of past 30 day use and am trying to figure out the most appropriate way to do so. 

This trend is repeated across all current frequency of use questions (every day, some days, not at all) and subsequent questions on use in the past 30 days for all included tobacco products. 

2) Additionally, for the question on current frequency of use of snus pouches (R01_AS1003SU), why were respondents who reported using Skoal Bandits snus pouches (R01_AU1003=1, n=902) skipped?

Thanks in advance for your help.