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Update to the PATH Study’s Wave 1-4 RUF and Wave 1 BRUF Tips for Using the PATH Study Data User Forum

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Update to the PATH Study’s Wave 1-4 RUF and Wave 1 BRUF

On November 25, NAHDAP released updates to the PATH Study RUF and/or BRUF that you are currently using in your project workspace in the ICPSR VDE. The update consists of the following changes:

  1. New derived variables indicating Lifetime Threshold of Use were added to RUF data files in Waves 1, 2, and 3.
  2. Addition of in Wave 3: All Participants – Ever/Never Reference Data (DS3503).
  3. Suppression of data for respondents who requested their information be removed from the study. In accordance with the PATH Study’s informed consent, participants may request the removal of their data and may withdraw from the study at any time. To date, five (5) adults and one (1) youth have made this request and withdrawn from the study. Consequently, the PATH Study is releasing updated Wave 1-4 RUF and Wave 1 BRUF datasets with the information of these respondents removed and recoded as missing, designated by a special missing value (-97777).

How this update will affect users:

  • Starting two weeks from today, on Monday, December 9, NAHDAP staff will remove the existing data files in your workspace and replace all files in the “original data” folder with the updated data and documentation files.
  • A new dataset number system was implemented to accommodate future releases. As such, the names of some updated files will be different from previous releases. Please refer to the attached document for details.
  • Due to the changes in some file names, this update will affect reading some of the data in your existing syntax files when using your statistical data analysis package. This update will not affect the folders and user-generated non-data files. Please see the attached document for details on file names.
  • The small amount of removed information should not affect analytic utility.
  • Unless initiated before the release of this memo, NAHDAP will not conduct a disclosure review on any output that utilized data versions released before this update.

If you currently have access to the RUF and would like to add access to Wave 3 Ever/Never Reference dataset to your current VDE project, please send a brief descriptive paragraph that explains why the additional data are needed for your project and how they will be used.

NAHDAP invites you to contact us at nahdap-vde-support@umich.edu within the next two weeks if you have any questions or concerns about this update.