Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health

Tips for Using the PATH Study Data User Forum Tips for Using the PATH Study Data User Forum

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The PATH Study User Forum has been discontinued.

If you have questions about accessing the PATH Study, please send them to NAHDAP@icpsr.umich.edu.

For questions about the collection, weighting, documentation, or structure of the PATH Study data, please contact Westat at PATHDataUserQuestions@Westat.com.

Additionally, you may check the PATH Study FAQs for Researchers webpage.


Please only post information pertaining to the PATH Study data that may be of interest to the PATH Study data research community.

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Important Note for Forum Users

Questions about the collection, content, weighting, documentation, or structure of PATH Study data may be submitted to the new Westat email: PATHDataUserQuestions@Westat.com. NOTE: This email address is not for questions about statistical analysis or analytic guidance. For analytic questions, researchers may wish to consult with statisticians and analysts at their institutions. Additionally, the PATH Study User Forum can be used to obtain feedback and engage in discussion with other PATH Study data users.